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Lena Dunham’s Definition of Fashion


Just like “Sex and The City” did before, HBO series“Girls” is telling a story about fashion which is slightly different to the ones we are used to hear. While Carrie Bradshaw’s style was glamorous, but also very eccentric and even revolutionary in a way, Hannah Horvath is he opposite. She is not glamorous at all but simply real with her liberated and effortless style. The lesson about fashion we need to learn from her is that one should feel comfortable in their own skin. Because she definitely can. She is capable of wearing a tiny shorts even though she is not 0-size skinny, swapping tops with a guy in the middle of the night club, or even walking around the streets of New York in an old, thorn, oversized T-shirt. 


The series isabout real life, real twenty-something girls, their problematic careers and emotional weaknesses, but also about real beauty versus clichéed Hollywood aesthetics.In her Vogue interview the author of the show, Lena Dunham, explains her viewpoint: There was a sense that I and many women I knew had been led astray by Hollywood and television depictions of sexuality … Seeing somebody who looks like you having sex on television is a less comfortable experience than seeing somebody who looks like nobody you’ve ever met”, she said,I haven’t seen a show about people like my friends, who just finished college and are really confused. It’s that moment between being a kid and being an adult“.


Even though it may look like Dunham neglected the fashion dimension of the series while being focused on the story and the characters, she actually didn’t. As someone who knows a lot about fashion, she carefully thought it through. Breaking away with stereotypes and prejudices, she offered an alternative image of a young woman who is beautiful and stylish but not a tall slim model dressed up in expensive clothes. Even though she isn’t a style icon in a classical sense, her contribution to the world of fashion is huge.


It is therefore no surprise that Lena Dunham eventually made it to the cover of US Vogue. She was photographed for the February 2014 issue by Annie Lebovitz wearing the most flamboyant pieces from spring/summer collections. She looks very glamorous and seems substantially different from Hannah Horvath whose style is very casual.


Unlike her own character from the series, Lena Dunham is very fashion literate and had the privilege to wear designers’ clothes since she was a teenager. As we learned from Vogue, Zac Posen made a graduation dress for her in the early 2000-s and is still sending her pieces from his collections. She has a very original taste and likes designs by Comme des Garcons, Yohji Yamamoto, Erdem, Miu Miu, Peter Jensen and Marni. She also adores jewelry, Charlotte Olympia flats, Prada bags and J Brand jeans.


Images: www.vogue.com, www.hbo.com, http://www.huffingtonpost.com


Sarah Jessica Parker Launches SJP Shoe Line


I want my shoes to be a part of the world for a long time to come”, said Sarah Jessica Parker who’s shoe line called SJP is not going to be neither disposable trend, nor some extravagant luxury which even Carrie Bradshaw couldn’t afford.

But even though her shoes are not going to be as expensive as Manolo Blahnik’s, they were actually made in cooperation with his CEO George Malkemus. When she approached him with the idea to create a shoe line, he immediately accepted to help her and SJP label was born. They decided to produce shoes in Italy and give customers a really good quality and style for less money. All the models will cost between $195 to $485 and will be available in shops from February 28th.

SJP line includes gorgeous elegant heels, but also flat pumps and booties. Even though one can easily imagine Carrie Bradshaw wearing most of them, one nude pair of strap shoes has a special relation to the Sex and The City character and Parker even named them after her – “Carrie”.

Apart from “Carrie”, there is another fantastic pair of shoes from this collection which is probably going to be very popular. They are sexy red pumps called “The Lady”, and Parker is wearing them with a black feathered mini dress in her SJP ad campaign. They are priced at $350 which is a good price for a bit of an authentic Sex and The City glamour.