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Winter Hair Trends: Braid

Valentino: Neat and Stylish


This is a very tidy and elegant look. The hair is sleek and shiny and secured with a stylish hair band. Braid is on the side, and it is made very neatly. For this look hair needs to be very long and well groomed.

The first step is to apply a styling product that will make the hair perfectly smooth and shiny. Then make a centre parting and comb it on the side. Make a neat braid and add the final touch with a hair band. For this simple and classical look you need to be very careful, because nothing should stick out.

Makeup that matches this hair style perfectly is a nude look. It takes only a good foundation and a bit of color on the eyebrows. Skin should look natural like there is no makeup at all.


Viktor & Rolf: Girly Double Braid


Girly hair style seen at Viktor & Rolf fall/winter show is very easy to make. It is relaxed and casual, and you don’t need to worry about symmetry.

Make a centre parting first, but without using the comb. It should look messy. Make one braid on each side, and make sure that you leave a few strands loose. Finally, pin the braids together at the back.

Natural makeup goes well with this hair style, but if you want to add a bit of drama, accent your eyebrows, use a bit of dark eye shadow and apply a shiny blusher on your cheekbones.


 Fendi: Dutch Braid with Faux Fur

fendi hair

Fendi fur accessories are very popular this season and apart from shoes, bags and fur monster key chains, there are also great hair accessories. At the fall/winter fashion show, they were combined with Dutch braids and the whole hair and makeup styling was very punk-rock.

Dutch braid is practically opposite of the French braid, and it is very easy to make. You should comb your hair to the back and make a braid in an ordinary way, but you by starting from your forehead and continuing by adding small sections of hair from each side.

Fur pieces are placed at the forehead, creating a crazy fringe. This hairstyle matches nicely with dark lipstick and accented eyebrows.