Hello Fashionistas!

We are excited to announce that our website has gotten a brand new look! To celebrate, we invite you to stop by and check it out. This new platform is designed for professionals in the fashion industry. Our company truly understands how hard it is to get your work and brand out there. As a company that started in 2010 it took a lot of endless hours and dedication to gain the credibility, reputation, and growth we have today. We encourage our members to promote their work, connect with other like minded artists, share job opportunities, upcoming events and whatever it takes to help you accomplish your goals. We are serious about providing a spam free space for industry professionals to enhance their skills and do all that we can to ensure the safety of our members. Our site strives to help our members succeed and are open to all suggestions that will help you achieve your goals. Like the constantly evolving fashion industry, we’re a site that focuses on innovation. ModXchange is here to stay and we want to be the industry standard for fashion and business. Our journey has just begun, and so has yours. Join us today and get your career started!

Benefits as a modXchange member:
* Post and search for available jobs

* Browse and search through 1,000’s of professionals to find the right artist for your next project

* Insert media and add embedded videos with ease

* Blog and post articles to gain followers

* Ability for subscribers to follow your posts

* Add metatags and a permalinks to your articles

* Social media tools automatically post into your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc

* Network with artists, magazines, agencies, companies around the world

* Promote your work and build an audience.

* Stay updated on the latest fashion news, trends, and job opportunities

* Advertise your brand or product

* …Much More to come.


Stay-Up-To-Date with job opportunities, news, and be inspired by following us on:
IG: ‪#‎modxchange‬
Twitter: modXchange

Since 2010


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