How to Wear Pink Makeup this Spring?

pink makeup spring summer 2014

“Pink instantly lifts and brightens any skin tone,” says makeup artist Bobbi Brown whose makeup collection named “Uber Pink” is simply amazing and includes lipsticks, lip glosses, blushers and nail polishes. It is certainly a great color for a blusher since it makes your skin looks healthy and glowing. This summer pink cheeks are going to be very hip, especially if you add a bit of shimmer. Bobbi Brown’s Illuminating Bronzing Powder is the ideal option if you want to rock this trend and it comes in two shades of pink: Be Pretty and Be Bold. It can be a great addition to your no-makeup natural look which is one of the key makeup styles of the season.

We have also seen pink eye shadows at Burberry spring/summer show, but it can be a little tricky to wear. With eye shadow colors such as pink and purple, you can easily go wrong and make your eyes look tired. To avoid this effect, make sure to align inner corners of your eye with a nude pencil and carefully blend in with the pink.

When it comes to pink lipsticks and nail polishes, the coolest way to wear them is to choose soft, pale hues that will look very natural and sophisticated.



  1. smoulderingviolet

    I cannot wait for spring so I can start incorporating more pink into my makeup and wardrobe. I’m all stocked up and counting down the minutes until I can go into full blown spring mode!


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