Howling at the Moon: Antonio Marras Fall/Winter 2014

Inspired by Herman Hesse’s novel ‘Steppenwolf’, Ridley Scott’s film ‘Blade Runner’, German writer and photographer Annemarie Schwarzenbach, Little Red Riding Hood and artist Joseph Beuys, Antonio Marras included a lot of different elements in his fall/winter collection.  The runway was decorated with a big silver full moon and screens playing videos with wolves. He also printed wolves howling at the moon on silk dresses and winter coats, but this scene also appears on big wooly jumpers and on skirts and tops in the form of collage appliqués.

He used delicate embroidery, lace and floral prints for his feminine dresses at the end of the show, but he also made some masculine pieces with rough geometric forms. The collection had elements of horror, romantic fairytale and urban jungle, but it actually looks like a very interesting and coherent mix.

antonio marras2

antonio marras12

antonio marras20

antonio marras13

antonio marras22

antonio marras1

antonio marras21

antonio marras7

antonio marras3

antonio marras5

antonio marras

antonio marras9

antonio marras17

antonio marras18



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