Rihanna is starting her own fashion label!


“It’s not all down to my voice. There’s people with way more talent than I when it comes to singing. Bigger voices. But people want to know who you are. Fashion is a clear indication, a way to express your attitude, your mood”, says Rihanna who announced that she is starting her own fashion label in an interview for US Vogue. This will not be the first time for Rihanna to design clothes, since she previously collaborated on a collection with Armani Jeans and co-designed for British brand River Island with Selman who designs her stage costumes.


She has a unique style and likes to combine tomboy look with sexy things like high heels and embellished tops. “I love baggy things. I wear men’s clothes, men’s shoes, oxfords, creepers”, she said to Vogue. She is also notorious for wearing bodysuits and men’s jackets, but we also discovered that she never wears a bra underneath a top: “If I’m wearing a bra, I just wear a bra”, she admits.When asked how did she develop her signature look, she replied: “When you’re on tour, you go to rehearse wearing sweats and sneaks. Then you practice your song in the heels you are going to wear that night. I realized, Wow, that looks cool!”


Rihanna is definitely not just a superstar singer but also a style icon that inspires many fashion designers. “There is no one else that excites me more”, said Alexander Wang while Peter Dundas called her “a very talented dresser, in the way that Kate Moss is”. Olivier Rousteing said that she is “the new Wonder Woman”, and according to Tom Ford “she can throw on combinations you can’t imagine other people could possibly wear, and look great. In the fashion world she has inspired a very, very loose mix of random items.”


Judging by her personal style, we can only assume that her first collection will feature a lot of tomboy looks and sexy clothes, but there is no doubt that she will find a way to shock and surprise us.

Images: www.vogue.com



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