Revolutionary Makeup: New Foundations for Flawless Skin

Clinique Even Better

The new generation of foundations is quite different from everything we have tried before. They are designed to cover all imperfections including wrinkles, creases and uneven skin tone. The idea was to create products that will look like second skin and appear flawless under the magnifying glass of high definition cameras.

Clinique’s Even Better foundation claims to be able to even the skin tone which is crucial for young and fresh look. Unevenly colored skin looks tired and most of the old foundations cannot do anything about it. The product contains Vitamins C and E, as well as white birch extract – the substances which are supposed to reduce unevenness of skin color over time.

Another foundation that claims to improve the look of the skin over time is Nude Natural Glow Hydrating Makeup. It contains water granules along with vitamins and minerals. It has been proven that after using this foundation for a month skin looks softer, smoother and more hydrated. Bobbi Brown latest foundation called Luminous Moisturizing Treatment Foundation. As the manufacturers say themselves: “it doesn’t look like a foundation – it looks like skin”.

Chanel Lift Lumiere and Givenchy Photo Perfection are diffusing light and therefore hiding all the imperfections. They are using micro granules of silicone as the main light diffuser, but also Mica which reflects the light and evens skin tone too.



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