Valentino Menswear Fall/Winter 2014/2015

Pierpaolo Piccoli and Maria Grazia Chiuri designed another beautiful collection for men which is the epitome of that distinctive Valentino style. The collection is very laid back and casual with lots o jeans, loose silhouettes and pajama inspired suits, but also very elegant and chic with many handmade pieces which are more likely to be classified as couture than ready-to-wear. “Couture is the DNA of our brand and what we think is good to get into every single thing we do”, said Piccioli.

It is a very diverse collection, since it includes everything from denim jumpsuits to double-faced cashmere coats which are handcrafted in Valentino atelier in Rome. Their aim was “to create something special, high-quality, modern and contemporary — and iconic — for each category, to propose pieces like objects of desire.”

Coats are the most interesting part of the collection, and they overshadow everything else with eye-catching prints and superb tailoring. There are classical herring-bone tweed coats, wooly ones with kilim pattern and even patchwork coats in black, white and grey tones. There are a few coats with howl print at the back and across shoulders which looks very impressive. Classical suits look very elegant and luxurious, but there are also some causal ones which are matched with white sneakers and made from jeans or tweed with camouflage print.

valentino 1

valentino 2

valentino 3

valentino 4

valentino 5

valentino 6

valentino 8

valentino 9

valentino 10

valentino 11

valentino 12

valentino 13

valentino 14

valentino 15

valentino 16

valentino 17

valentino 18 valentino 19

valentino 20

valentino 21

valentino 22



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