Marc Jacobs Menswear Fall/Winter 2014/2015

Inspired by Jack Nicholson and Bryan Ferry, Marc Jacobs’s fall/winter collection for men is very elegant and masculine in a very classical way. Lothario-style wide trousers with stripes on the outer side look very naughty and cool when worn with baseball caps and printed jumpers.

The collection is very seductive with plenty of soft velvet, cool oversized coats and peacock feather print on silk. Long stripy scarfs look very sexy, especially when matched with big coats, slim trousers, white sneakers and sunglasses. Peacock feather print is used for shirts and trousers and looks both smart and casual in combination with elegant trousers or jackets and sporty shoes. Color palette varies from black and navy to soft grey, light blue and ocher.

MarcJacobs_001_1366.450x675 MarcJacobs_002_1366.450x675 MarcJacobs_003_1366.450x675 MarcJacobs_004_1366.450x675 MarcJacobs_005_1366.450x675 MarcJacobs_006_1366.450x675 MarcJacobs_007_1366.450x675 MarcJacobs_008_1366.450x675 MarcJacobs_009_1366.450x675 MarcJacobs_010_1366.450x675 MarcJacobs_011_1366.450x675 MarcJacobs_012_1366.450x675 MarcJacobs_013_1366.450x675 MarcJacobs_015_1366.450x675 MarcJacobs_017_1366.450x675 MarcJacobs_019_1366.450x675 MarcJacobs_020_1366.450x675 MarcJacobs_021_1366.450x675 MarcJacobs_022_1366.450x675 MarcJacobs_024_1366.450x675 MarcJacobs_025_1366.450x675 MarcJacobs_030_1366.450x675 Images:


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