Prada Menswear Fall/Winter 2014/2015

Miuccia Prada’s latest collection for men is inspired by avant-garde theater which is both political and experimental. That is why there is something theatrical and alternative about the styling, as well as the clothes itself. Ties are worn like scarfs and they are always in opposition with the rest of the outfit. Colors are mixed freely, but with taste. For example, bright shade of red and purple are used to contrast dark colors such as black, navy, grey and brown.

The collection is very sophisticated and artistic and Prada described it as “more personal, changing from pop culture to intimacy, introversion, even solitude“.

_RI_0006.450x675 _RI_0012.450x675 _RI_0019.450x675 _RI_0029.450x675 _RI_0036.450x675 _RI_0043.450x675 _RI_0055.450x675 _RI_0060.450x675 _RI_0099.450x675 _RI_0105.450x675 _RI_0114.450x675 _RI_0153.450x675 _RI_0165.450x675 _RI_0185.450x675 _RI_0204.450x675 _RI_0214.450x675 _RI_0220.450x675 _RI_0231.450x675 _RI_0246.450x675 _RI_0280.450x675 _RI_0296.450x675 _RI_0359.450x675 _RI_0384.450x675 _RI_0410.450x675 _RI_0429.450x675



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