Woodland Cocktail Party: Matthew Williamson Pre-Fall 2014 Collection

Inspired by glitz and decadence of the roaring twenties and the Great Gatsby themed parties, but also by British fashion, Matthew Williamson created yet another very feminine and glamorous collection. He used a lot of fuchsia which is going to be the trendiest color for 2014, but also plenty of florals and quirky motifs printed on both full length gowns and cocktail dresses, but also on skirts, trousers and even biker jackets. There are prints of exotic birds, cocktail glasses, wild strawberries and mushrooms scattered on everyday pieces and cocktail dresses, while evening gowns are embellished with jewels and delicate embroidery. He used materials such as chiffon, jacquard and fake fur, and it all looks very “opulent and playful“, to put it in his own words.

matthew-williamson-pre-fall-2014-01_104912146393 matthew-williamson-pre-fall-2014-03_104914577428 matthew-williamson-pre-fall-2014-04_104915603864 matthew-williamson-pre-fall-2014-08_104918916411 matthew-williamson-pre-fall-2014-09_104919730743 matthew-williamson-pre-fall-2014-12_104921587341 matthew-williamson-pre-fall-2014-13_104922378122 matthew-williamson-pre-fall-2014-14_104923298159 matthew-williamson-pre-fall-2014-15_104923513770 matthew-williamson-pre-fall-2014-18_104926946561

Images: www.vogue.com


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