London Collections Men: E. Tautz Fall/Winter 2014/2015

E. Tautz creative director Patrick Grant made another fantastic collection for men which is just perfect for modern dandies. It is both classic and traditional but with a strong touch of modernity. The entire collection was made out of very delicate and luxurious fabrics like silk and wool. The clothes are impeccably tailored and are very flattering to male body.

Traditional menswear is brightened up with vivid colors and cheerful patterns. There are a lot of bold reds and blues matched with black, and plenty of elegant details such as hats and long scarfs. To make it even more cutting-edge, a few pieces are even decorated with colorful embroidery, including a classical grey suit which is discretely embellished with floral motifs.

e-tautz-fall-winter-2014-show-0001 e-tautz-fall-winter-2014-show-0002 e-tautz-fall-winter-2014-show-0003 e-tautz-fall-winter-2014-show-0004 e-tautz-fall-winter-2014-show-0005 e-tautz-fall-winter-2014-show-0006 e-tautz-fall-winter-2014-show-0008 e-tautz-fall-winter-2014-show-0010 e-tautz-fall-winter-2014-show-0012 e-tautz-fall-winter-2014-show-0014 e-tautz-fall-winter-2014-show-0015 e-tautz-fall-winter-2014-show-0016 e-tautz-fall-winter-2014-show-0018 e-tautz-fall-winter-2014-show-0019 e-tautz-fall-winter-2014-show-0020 e-tautz-fall-winter-2014-show-0021 e-tautz-fall-winter-2014-show-0022 e-tautz-fall-winter-2014-show-0024 e-tautz-fall-winter-2014-show-0026




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