London Collections Men: Katie Eary Fall-Winter 2014/2015

Katie Eary fall-winter 2014/2015 menswear collection is inspired by punk era and iconic style created by Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren back in 1980-s in London. There are also elements of pop art iconography and British tradition. Redesigned Scottish quilts are teamed with vinyl trousers and printed T-shirts while satin is combined with zippers.

Eary used Mickey Mouse motif for this collection, but she interpreted it as a pop art and punk symbol. Mickey’s head appears on shirts, blazers, trousers and T-shirts, but it is also worn as a plastic face mask with a punk hairdo. Color palette ranges from black to vibrant read and turquoise.

katie-eary001 (1) katie-eary002 katie-eary006 katie-eary008 katie-eary009 katie-eary011 katie-eary013 katie-eary014 katie-eary015 katie-eary016 katie-eary017 katie-eary018 katie-eary019




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