London Collections Men: Alexander McQueen Fall/Winter 2014/2015

Alexander McQueen fall/winter collection for 2014/2015 season is very dark and rebellious with strong punk influence. It features pieces in black leather with plenty of zippers, tartan in different colors, quilts, prints and strong patterns. The collection is very British with classical urban-wear reinvented to look very glam and luxurious.

While elegant coats are matched with printed shirts, quilts are worn with chunky sweaters and slim trousers. The collection also features some amazing shirts and jackets with slogans, fur trimmed biker jackets, leather coats and many pieces inspired by punk-goth style with super glamorous details such as gold zippers.

alexander-mcqueen-001 alexander-mcqueen-005 alexander-mcqueen-006 alexander-mcqueen-007 alexander-mcqueen-008 alexander-mcqueen-009 alexander-mcqueen-011 alexander-mcqueen-013 alexander-mcqueen-014 alexander-mcqueen-015 alexander-mcqueen-016 alexander-mcqueen-017 alexander-mcqueen-018 alexander-mcqueen-019 alexander-mcqueen-020 alexander-mcqueen-023 alexander-mcqueen-024 alexander-mcqueen-025 alexander-mcqueen-026 alexander-mcqueen-029



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