Topman Design: Fall/Winter 2014/2015

Topman Design collection for fall/winter 2014/2015 is definitely one of the most talked about shows from the first day of London Collections Men. Dark color palette is brightened up with a little bit of red and blue which are cleverly mixed with black, and the choice of fabrics is very interesting and ranges from wool and cotton to PVC and leather. From duffle coats and chunky knitwear to elegant suits with oversized shoulders, the whole collection is very dark and gloomy with a strong gothic touch.

1389027081414_Topman-Design-Fall-Winter-2014-01 1389027081425_Topman-Design-Fall-Winter-2014-07 1389027081427_Topman-Design-Fall-Winter-2014-09 1389027081427_Topman-Design-Fall-Winter-2014-10 1389027081429_Topman-Design-Fall-Winter-2014-12 1389027081436_Topman-Design-Fall-Winter-2014-17 1389027081437_Topman-Design-Fall-Winter-2014-18 1389027081443_Topman-Design-Fall-Winter-2014-25 1389027081444_Topman-Design-Fall-Winter-2014-26 1389027081446_Topman-Design-Fall-Winter-2014-28 1389027081447_Topman-Design-Fall-Winter-2014-29 1389027081447_Topman-Design-Fall-Winter-2014-30 1389027081450_Topman-Design-Fall-Winter-2014-33 1389027081452_Topman-Design-Fall-Winter-2014-35




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