Valentino Spring/Summer 2014 Collection for Men

Inspired by military and infused with multicolored jeans and army patterns, Valentino spring/summer collection for men is pretty casual and modern, but also very stylish. From plain white T-shirts which are playing an important role in the styling of the show, to shirt-like shaped leather jackets, the collection features many relaxed pieces. While making this collection, the designers Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli experimented with denim and mixed different shades to create suits that look very elegant.

The collection is ideal for a modern man who wants to look both smart and casual. It also includes classical suits, camouflage sweaters and even a few pieces with cool floral and animal prints. It is accompanied by chic leather accessories in various colors from bright yellow to soft grey.

14840-men-s-collection-spring-summer-2014 (1) 14842-men-s-collection-spring-summer-2014 14843-men-s-collection-spring-summer-2014 14844-men-s-collection-spring-summer-2014 14845-men-s-collection-spring-summer-2014 14846-men-s-collection-spring-summer-2014 14849-men-s-collection-spring-summer-2014 14850-men-s-collection-spring-summer-2014 14854-men-s-collection-spring-summer-2014 14855-men-s-collection-spring-summer-2014 14860-men-s-collection-spring-summer-2014 14858-men-s-collection-spring-summer-2014 14861-men-s-collection-spring-summer-2014 14864-men-s-collection-spring-summer-2014 14866-men-s-collection-spring-summer-2014 14880-men-s-collection-spring-summer-2014



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