Vera Wang Pre-Fall 2014

Vera Wang’s pre-fall 2014 collection is very dark, urban and stylish. It is mostly made out of black fabrics, but includes some vibrant details as well. Wang was inspired by her own wardrobe and combined boyish style with feminine details. Bermuda shorts and parka jackets were mixed with fur, silk and sparkly embellishments and it all looks like a styling for a spoiled and chic girl from the big town.

To brighten up this murky collection a bit, Wang used sequins for embellishments and florals for some of the dresses. However, the black is absolutely dominant and defines the mood of the whole collection. Accessories are very glamorous too, from the open-toe heels decorated with big black leather flowers to long black gloves and gorgeous minks.

The clothes look very comfortable and easy to wear. All the pieces from the collection can be carelessly mixed and matched, since the shapes are very simple and clean, and the color palette ranges from black and grey to dark green and navy.

vera-wang-pre-fall-2014-03_122927897247 vera-wang-pre-fall-2014-07_122930601542 vera-wang-pre-fall-2014-08_122931923530 vera-wang-pre-fall-2014-09_122931169880 vera-wang-pre-fall-2014-10_122932232229 vera-wang-pre-fall-2014-13_122934805726 vera-wang-pre-fall-2014-14_122935373060 vera-wang-pre-fall-2014-18_122938881402 vera-wang-pre-fall-2014-23_122941323772 vera-wang-pre-fall-2014-24_122942270990 vera-wang-pre-fall-2014-26_122943727115 vera-wang-pre-fall-2014-28_122944890410 vera-wang-pre-fall-2014-30_122946475539 vera-wang-pre-fall-2014-34_122949568627 vera-wang-pre-fall-2014-35_122950397809 vera-wang-pre-fall-2014-37_122951986400 vera-wang-pre-fall-2014-39_122952328005 vera-wang-pre-fall-2014-42_122954691233




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