Perfect Lipstick for Christmas

Red Lipsticks for Christmas 2013

Red lipstick is perfect for Christmas because it is so glamorous. It is pure classic and you don’t need much else to achieve the ultimate festive look if you just paint your lips in red.

You can choose darker hues if you want to keep up with trends, or be traditional and simply find a lighter, more Christmassy color that works well for you. MAC has every shade of red you can possibly want from the classical ‘Russian Red’ to delightful ‘Ruby Woo’ with a hint of blue, but if you want to try something new, you won’t go wrong with Tom Ford. His ‘Rouge Fatal’ lip color is as powerful as the name suggests. It looks very seductive and luxurious, and the packaging is chic too.

Marc Jacobs’ gel lipsticks inspired by the designer’s favorite movies are also a good choice, especially if you are looking for a long-wearing color. There are two great vivid shades of red – ‘Surrender Dorothy’ and ‘Neo Noir’.

NARS also made a collection of lipsticks inspired by cinema called ‘Cinematic’. It is created especially for this holiday season as a part of a makeup collection named after fashion photographer and film maker Guy Bourdin. Among other lip colors, there are 2 wonderful shades of red. The one called ‘Future Red’ is darker and more sophisticated, while the other one named ‘Short Circuit’ is a real attention grabber.

Whatever shade you choose, make sure that you don’t wear a lot of eye makeup and that you bring a smile with you because red is a happy color!



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