Michael Kors Pre-Fall 2014

In his delicately masculine pre-fall collection for women Michael Kors combined brooches with sneakers, oversized coats with tight skirts, high heels with big wooly sweaters and girly bows with boyish blazers. The styling is very unconventional and full of contrasts, while the collection itself isn’t eccentric at all. It contains both feminine and masculine forms and includes pieces like the cute lace dress, but also mannish shoes and trousers.

This is the first time that Kors made sneakers and brooches. He made a funny comment on this and said: “I could only do the brooches if they were sporty . . . and the sneakers if they were luxurious”. He casually combined white sneakers with skirts and blazers, carelessly threw knits over elegant dresses and put brooches on oversized coats. Colors are beautifully mixed as well. There are plenty of red and light blue as well as ochre and grey combinations which look very appealing.

michael-kors-pre-fall-2014-18_163150250938 michael-kors-pre-fall-2014-15_163147979370 michael-kors-pre-fall-2014-16_163148414800 michael-kors-pre-fall-2014-12_163144592604 michael-kors-pre-fall-2014-10_163143450074 michael-kors-pre-fall-2014-23_163153378487 michael-kors-pre-fall-2014-27_16315654708 michael-kors-pre-fall-2014-24_163154198448 michael-kors-pre-fall-2014-26_163156276820 michael-kors-pre-fall-2014-30_163159233829 michael-kors-pre-fall-2014-32_163200952885 michael-kors-pre-fall-2014-21_163152622153 michael-kors-pre-fall-2014-33_163201612269 michael-kors-pre-fall-2014-17_16314876540 michael-kors-pre-fall-2014-05_163139662083 michael-kors-pre-fall-2014-02_163136378439 michael-kors-pre-fall-2014-08_163141392949 michael-kors-pre-fall-2014-03_16313714787 michael-kors-pre-fall-2014-11_16314336580

Images: http://www.vogue.com



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