Jason Wu Pre-Fall 2014

Jason Wu’s pre-fall 2014 collection is elegant and casual at the same time. He surprised us by combining big loose sweaters with floral feminine dresses and masculine high heels. There is something adorably relaxed about it and it looks a bit like a crazy mixture of men’s and women’s fashion. Manly silhouettes are contrasted with very feminine details like florals and ruffles.

There are generally a lot of deliberately mismatched outfits and it all looks very refreshing. It is all about “the idea of coziness”, and “sweater dressing and hybrids”, as the designer himself puts it. The colors are dark and wintery from black and brown to brick red, yellow and forest green. On the other hand, fabrics are light and range from soft cashmere to lace and silk. There are also some interesting leather pieces such as the biker jacket which he teamed with ruffled skirts and high heels.

jason-wu-pre-fall-2014-01_102636710249 jason-wu-pre-fall-2014-02_102637921307 jason-wu-pre-fall-2014-04_102639759509 jason-wu-pre-fall-2014-05_102640598814 jason-wu-pre-fall-2014-07_102641782061 jason-wu-pre-fall-2014-09_102643736215 jason-wu-pre-fall-2014-10_102644623807 jason-wu-pre-fall-2014-11_102645997307 jason-wu-pre-fall-2014-12_102645206606 jason-wu-pre-fall-2014-13_102646396031 jason-wu-pre-fall-2014-16_102649850086 jason-wu-pre-fall-2014-19_102651497301 jason-wu-pre-fall-2014-20_10265229596 jason-wu-pre-fall-2014-22_102654760464 jason-wu-pre-fall-2014-23_102654905707 jason-wu-pre-fall-2014-24_102655876872

Images: http://www.vogue.com



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