Oscar de la Renta’s Pre-Fall 2014 Dresses

Oscar de la Renta’s evening gowns are glamorous and flamboyant as always, even though the rest of his pre-fall collection is quite modern and simple. They are voluminous and very romantic, and they are featuring beautiful details such as embroidery and big bows around the waist.

Some of the dresses are even a bit quirky, especially the LBD with a parrot print, or a golden evening gown with a fringe that looks like the luxurious curtain wrapped around the body.

De la Renta also played with color contrasts and combined black and white, soft pink with green and deep blue with bubblegum pink in rather unexpected ways. This collection is inspired by Japanese fashion and Francisco de Zurbaran’s color palette. While Japanese style is reflected in clean forms and oversized bows, Zurbaran’s influence is visible in the way colors are combined. Famous Spanish painter used a lot of disparate vibrant colors, especially when painting dresses and draperies.

However, the most intriguing thing about this show was the styling. The first thing that surprises is a black pixie haircut which looks a bit rough and manly when contrasted with his glamorous and feminine ball gowns. Some of the full-length evening dresses were combined with flat shoes, which is a bit of a novelty as well.

oscar-de-la-renta-pre-fall-2014-36_103007698492 (1)oscar-de-la-renta-pre-fall-2014-37_103007512738oscar-de-la-renta-pre-fall-2014-34_103005583640oscar-de-la-renta-pre-fall-2014-33_103005674567oscar-de-la-renta-pre-fall-2014-40_10301086167oscar-de-la-renta-pre-fall-2014-38_103008749781 (1)oscar-de-la-renta-pre-fall-2014-39_103009909440oscar-de-la-renta-pre-fall-2014-24_102958649291oscar-de-la-renta-pre-fall-2014-27_103000890625oscar-de-la-renta-pre-fall-2014-23_102957385897

Images: http://www.vogue.com


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