Gucci Pre-Fall 2014

Frida Giannini’s pre-fall 2014 collection for Gucci is simple, modern and quite literally – ready to wear. It is focused more on everyday looks than on evening glamour and features bright colors, bold prints and masculine silhouettes. Color palette varies from fuchsia and brick red to bright yellow and navy blue, but there are also a few impressive black and white outfits.

The collection includes pieces like dress coats and slim trousers in sharp hues, but also some amazing blouses, dresses and jackets. Masculine and feminine are blended together in an original way, slightly influenced by the 60s chic, but with a modern twist.

Accessories are also worth mentioning since they are extremely simple and very stylish. Diamond pattern leather clutches and handbags in bold colors look incredible, especially when combined with platform ankle boots, leather hats and trendy leather cuffs.

gucci-pre-fall-2014-02_173218532680 gucci-pre-fall-2014-03_173219776805 gucci-pre-fall-2014-04_173220265727 gucci-pre-fall-2014-05_173220785519 gucci-pre-fall-2014-06_173221450685 gucci-pre-fall-2014-08_17322395762 gucci-pre-fall-2014-09_173224765180 gucci-pre-fall-2014-12_173226851585 gucci-pre-fall-2014-14_173227513979 gucci-pre-fall-2014-15_173228859426 gucci-pre-fall-2014-16_173229582156 gucci-pre-fall-2014-17_173230150317 gucci-pre-fall-2014-19_173232654422 gucci-pre-fall-2014-26_173238919615 gucci-pre-fall-2014-29_173240599674 gucci-pre-fall-2014-32_17324385937 gucci-pre-fall-2014-30_173241112728 gucci-pre-fall-2014-36_173246430927 gucci-pre-fall-2014-38_173248478765




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