Party Outfit Ideas from Zara

Zara launched a lookbook named “In the Evening” for the TRF collection and it is featuring some amazing evening urban-wear for the forthcoming festive season. The collection is sexy, sparkly and youthful with color palette ranging from black to navy and grey. From skinny jeans and sequined tops to charming little black dresses, every girl can find something to wear for a New Year’s party. Styling is definitely worth mentioning, so this look book can also be used as a source of inspiration.

Zara-TRF-In-the-Evening-Collection-Lookbook-32 Zara-TRF-In-the-Evening-Collection-Lookbook-01 Zara-TRF-In-the-Evening-Collection-Lookbook-05 Zara-TRF-In-the-Evening-Collection-Lookbook-07 Zara-TRF-In-the-Evening-Collection-Lookbook-12 Zara-TRF-In-the-Evening-Collection-Lookbook-14 Zara-TRF-In-the-Evening-Collection-Lookbook-17 Zara-TRF-In-the-Evening-Collection-Lookbook-19 Zara-TRF-In-the-Evening-Collection-Lookbook-22 Zara-TRF-In-the-Evening-Collection-Lookbook-23 Zara-TRF-In-the-Evening-Collection-Lookbook-25 Zara-TRF-In-the-Evening-Collection-Lookbook-29 Zara-TRF-In-the-Evening-Collection-Lookbook-36 Zara-TRF-In-the-Evening-Collection-Lookbook-37 Zara-TRF-In-the-Evening-Collection-Lookbook-41




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