Zac Posen’s Glamorous Gowns

Zac Posen’s dresses are glamorous, heavy, impeccably tailored and incredibly flattering for a female body. His pre-fall 2014 collection is really impressive and features beautiful sculptural red carpet gowns made out of luxurious fabrics such as duchess satin, printed jacquards and black organza. He also used fabrics such as grey flannel, which are typical for menswear pieces and turned them into elegant evening dresses.

Zac Posen’s design is often compared to that of late American couturier Charles James, famous for his breathtaking voluminous gowns. He simply knew how to make a dress that fits like a glove used a lot of wire and buckram to strengthen the material and hold it close to the body. The same can be said for Zac Posen who is capable of making amazing evening gowns from hundreds of pieces of fabrics, as well as from only two of them.

zac-posen-pre-fall-2014-12_120703896067 zac-posen-pre-fall-2014-16_120706286092 zac-posen-pre-fall-2014-04_120656681676 zac-posen-pre-fall-2014-09_120700383698 zac-posen-pre-fall-2014-06_120658437505 zac-posen-pre-fall-2014-20_120709917171 zac-posen-pre-fall-2014-21_120710722194 zac-posen-pre-fall-2014-24_120712983411 zac-posen-pre-fall-2014-26_120714286157 zac-posen-pre-fall-2014-13_120703458360 zac-posen-pre-fall-2014-02_1206552573 zac-posen-pre-fall-2014-15_120705133984 zac-posen-pre-fall-2014-22_120710793928 zac-posen-pre-fall-2014-25_120713931980




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