Alexander Wang Pre-Fall 2014 Collection

Alexander Wang’s pre-fall line-up is one of the most talked about collection at the moment and it is truly spectacular. While he described it as “coming apart” and “peeling away”, it seems to be one of his best collections with impeccable tailoring and elegant but masculine forms.

Wang introduced some innovative forms such as fringe at the back, holes that look like they were created by moths and battered collars. He played with the idea of decomposition and deconstruction of classical forms and created something completely new and unique. The result of his experiment is futuristic, urban and androgynous collection. While trousers, skirts, blazers and coats have straight geometrical shapes, shirts and dresses are wrapped around the body. He used a lot of dark hues and contrasted them with bright details, for example: red stripes over black coat. Footwear collection is inspired by classical brogues which he crossed with cowboy boots.

wang2-prefall01 wang2-prefall02 wang2-prefall03 wang2-prefall04 wang2-prefall06 wang2-prefall07 wang2-prefall09 wang2-prefall10 wang2-prefall12 wang2-prefall14 wang2-prefall17 wang2-prefall16



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