New Jewelry from Prada

Prada Resort 2014

Inspired by tropical flowers and 1940s, Prada Resort 2014 collection is very glamorous, feminine and slightly retro, but at the same time it is also sporty and extremely modern. It is the epitome of Spring awakening with a lot of florals, sparkly materials and vivid colors. However, pastels are cleverly combined with dark hues and girly fluttery dresses are worn with sneaker flats. Accompanying jewelry collection bares the same contradiction and combines saffiano and crocodile leather with sparkly gemstones in a unique way. It is luxurious and classy and yet casual, and unites adult femininity and youthfulness.

The collection includes earrings and bracelets in bright colors such as emerald, turquoise and orange. It is inspired by 1940s jewelry and the lovely shape of Hibiscus flower. Leather bracelets with gems and flower ornaments look just amazing in clusters of two or three pieces worn together.

Prada Jewelry Resort 2014



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