Fendi Bag Bugs

Little Fendi fur ball creature called Bag Bug seems to be the fashion accessory everybody is talking about this season. It is funny, strange, cute and very expensive, but supermodels like Cara Delevingne and Naomi Campbell were seen wearing one. Quirky puppet-like creatures are made of leather, mink and faux fur. There are 8 different Bag Bugs and their names are: Lucifur, Snobius, Wild Jess, Dragoo, Kooky, Nutty, Furyou and Lucky Look. Each of them has its own personality and costs whooping $700.

Bag Bugs are a part of Fendi Holiday capsule collection which also includes monster leather bags, pumps, wallets and key rings. Colored fur is a huge trend this winter, but with accessories anything goes from fur shoes to smallest fur ornaments. Fendi Bag Bugs certainly shocked and intrigued the fashion crowds around the world, but it remains to be seen how popular this eccentric and luxurious collection of accessories will be.

buggies7buggies3buggies2buggies1buggies5buggies4buggies6capsule1 capsule4capsule3capsule2Images: http://www.fendi.com



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