Meadham Kirchhoff for Topshop

Eccentric British fashion label Meadham Kirchhoff created a new collection for Topshop called ‘The Cherries’, featuring bright colors, funky prints and symbols of black magic. The collection comprises 80 pieces and includes everything from coats and shoes to hair accessories and underwear. It is very girly and childlike, and yet includes plenty of dark motifs. Surprisingly, they don’t look scary, but rather cheerful, especially because they are mixed with naïve and innocent prints like cherries and rainbows.  While pentagrams seem like glittery golden stars, eyes are mimicking polka dots and monsters look cute. There are plenty of pinks, reds, ruffles, lace and shimmer, and it all looks great together.

Chunky shoes in bright colors are really beautiful, but also very eccentric and difficult to wear. It takes courage to rock most of the Meadham Kirchhoff designs, but this collection also contains a number of pieces which can satisfy different tastes. Colored fur pieces are very trendy, while girly romantic shirts and dresses in pastel colors are more classical. The collection will be in shops from November 21st.

LOOK24-vogue-19nov13_b_426x639CHERIE-vogue-19nov13_b_426x639PIKKA8-vogue-19nov13_b_426x639 (1) BLOSSOM-vogue-19nov13_b_426x639



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