Eight Hours of Beauty Sleep


Eight hours of sleep is one of the best beauty treatments in the world, and it is absolutely free. Researchers say that we look much healthier and prettier if we slept for eight hours, while we appear less attractive if we didn’t have much sleep, especially several nights in a row. Studies show that the amount of sleep people get significantly affects how others perceive them and judge their looks.

It is commonly known that sleep affects our health, and that one of its functions is creating our memories, but we should also have in mind that the skin is rejuvenating during sleep. That is why we seem prettier when we wake up after a long sleep. Cell regeneration almost doubles at night, in the period between 11 p.m. and four a.m.

If we are using a really good high quality nigh serum or a night cream, it can have wondrous effects on our skin, but we need to make sure that we sleep long enough and that we don’t miss this period of night. A good night cream enhances the benefits of an eight hour beauty sleep by using specialized ingredients to support skin’s natural rejuvenating process. It should contain antioxidants, retinols and exfoliants, and provide intensive hydration. Antioxidants are beneficial because they are helping skin to fight free radicals and prevent oxidation, while retinoids and exfoliants are supporting natural exfoliation and removing dead skin. Hydration is necessary because studies show that our skin loses more moisture if we don’t sleep long enough.

Even though skincare products can repair some of the damage cause by sleep deprivation, they cannot actually replace our obligatory eight hour sleep. Lack of sleep is linked to the aging process, and that is why it can make us look up to ten years older. Nowadays sleeping seems to be a luxury, but we must find time for it.

Image credits: http://www.vogue.co.uk/


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