Thom Browne’s Resort Collection

After seeing Thom Browne’s shocking and controversial spring/summer 2014 show inspired by “insane Elizabethan clowns” at New York Fashion Week, it is interesting to have a look at his much less crazy resort collection. Browne is well known for his impeccable tailoring, and this collection is no exception. It features feminine silhouettes, mismatched patterns, visible seams and dangling threads.

The collection is very sexy and stylish, but at the same also avant-garde and eccentric. Stripes, florals and checkered prints are blended together perfectly, and it makes a beautiful disparity. He played with colors wisely and combined black with white and grey, but also used deep green, blue and ocher. It all looks great together, and one has the impression that each piece from the collection can be worn with any of the others. Accessories such as hand painted stripy tights and handbags, or high heel Oxford shoes are making the styling even more chaotic and interesting.

thom-browne-resort-20141 thom-browne-resort-20144 thom-browne-resort-20145 thom-browne-resort-20148 thom-browne-resort-201410 thom-browne-resort-201411 thom-browne-resort-201413 thom-browne-resort-201414 thom-browne-resort-201417 thom-browne-resort-201418 thom-browne-resort-201419 thom-browne-resort-201421 thom-browne-resort-201424Images by Ash Reynolds for Thom Browne, taken from


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