Anna Sui’s Minnie Mouse Makeup Collection

anna sui minnie

American designer Anna Sui, who is well known for her original and quirky design, created a beautiful Christmas makeup collection inspired by Disney’s Minnie Mouse. It is very colorful and girly, and it makes a perfect holiday present. The collection includes two gift sets in red and purple with eye shadows and lipsticks, but also nail polishes, mascaras, lip and body balms and a hand cream which comes in a lovely silk bag. Lipsticks and nail polishes are even molded in the shape of Minnie Mouse. Packaging design is made in typical Anna Sui style – both feminine and child-like with her signature butterfly motif. All the products including nail polishes are scented with lavender tea roses perfume, and one can easily be absorbed into the sweet and creative world of Anna Sui, simply by opening a tiny bottle.

The collection is going to be appealing to grown up women, as well as little girls, who always want to steal their mothers’ makeup. With all the products priced under $ 50, this collection is also very affordable. They will also be available in the UK through


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