Coca-Cola Clothing Line by Dr Romanelli

Coca-Cola brand teamed with designer Dr Romanelli aka DRx to create a fashion line inspired by vintage clothes with Coke label on it that can be found at flea markets and second hand shops around the world.

It is a high quality street wear collection with 200 pieces ranging from cool bomber jackets to plain T-shirts. The collection has a real vintage feel with pieces inspired by clothes from the period between 1960s and 1990s. There is plenty of interesting and colorful patchwork made out of old clothes. Pieces of vintage garments are literally stitched together and it works very well. However, it is not cheap at all, since prices run from $35 to $50 for a T-shirt and from $450 to $1,650 for jackets, hoodies and vests.

Launch party took place at New York City’s New Museum where audience could see pieces from this collection as well as an exhibition of vintage Coca-Cola branded objects.

Dr Romanelli at the launch party in New Museum

Dr Romanelli at the launch party in New Museum





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