Beauty News: Estée Lauder Christmas Makeup Collection

Estée Lauder makeup is one of those perfect presents you can never go wrong with. Thinking of Christmas gifts in October is not such a bad idea because now is the opportune moment to brainstorm ideas and start making a list, instead of doing nothing until the very last moment and then just panic.

The face of the new ad campaign for Estée Lauder Christmas 2013 makeup collection is a model Arizona Muse. She is holding luxurious ribbon-tied red boxes and wearing gorgeous fluttery read top teamed with black skirt and a pair of stilettos. It all looks very colorful and Christmassy with a shopping scene from every girl’s dream.

Limited edition Christmas makeup collection will be launched in November and it features five color eye shadow pallets, lip gloss in three hot colors named ‘Hot Cherry’, ‘Melting Sun’ and ‘Fuchsia Flash’, as well as a ‘Poppy Red’ lip pencil. Collection also includes new gorgeous lipstick in dark red and fuchsia which are the hottest lipstick colors of the season.


Arizona Muse in Estée Lauder Christmas 2013 makeup collection ad campaign. Image credits:





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