What do you wear to Bed? Marilyn Monroe Features in the Brand New Chanel No.5 Commercial



Marilyn Monroe made Chanel No.5 timeless when she stated that she wears nothing but a few drops of this perfume in bed. The breaking news is that the company recently discovered an unreleased audio interview from 1960 when Monroe actually said those words: “You know, they ask me questions. Just an example: ‘What do you wear to bed? A pyjama top? The bottoms of the pyjamas? A nightgown?’ So I said: ‘Chanel No.5’, because it’s the truth. And yet, I don’t want to say ‘nude’. But it’s the truth!”

Brand new campaign is to be launched in December this year, which will be the second one featuring the style icon posthumously. There is nobody who can advertise Chanel No.5 better then Monroe, since even fifty one years after her death she is still one of the most influential women in the world of fashion. The fragrance was introduced in 1921 and Gabrielle Chanel described it as ‘a woman’s fragrance that smells like a woman’. It is still one of the most popular perfumes in the world.

Image credits: Courtesy of Chanel


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