Alexa Chung and ‘24 Hour Catwalk’ January 2012


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24 Hour Catwalk

“Fashion in News – Alexa Chung and the ‘24 Hour Catwalk’ January 2012


The Players:


‘24 Hour Catwalk’

Alexa Chung



by ModXchange Fashion 


15 December 2011

NEW YORK, New York  — |   The Angels returned to the airwaves for a The 2011 Victoria Secret Fashion Show second coming this week and a new “runway” is on  f a s h i o n  tap come mid-winter.  Another lovely angel Alexa Chung steps up to a new reality fashion skein in a newly designed role.

ModXchange beloved designer Alexa Chung will host the latest-best designer show challenge, 24 Hour Catwalk.   Inside the competition girl Alexa stitches four up and coming designers with serious opportunity:  battle one another in a fashion design challenge to the mort, until only two remain, pressed to create a vision of beauty with their own collection vae victus down a runway.

Fresh from her own coup with a 2011 British Fashion Awards ‘People’s Choice’ fete, Chung pools not only a swing sewing team to perform collective assists for the contestants, she’s tipped a matching judges opine-row with James LaForce, designer Cynthia Rowley, and Fashion Editor-at-Large Derek Blasberg.   LaForce + Stevens screened haute preview of the 24HC Thursday with lauds from sects including the CFDA.   Not only was impromptu strutting at the holiday party for House of LaForce; Hindu deity surprise(s) was unwrapped to behold.

LaForce + Stevens Holiday Hindu

Scheduled for January premiere, 24 Hour Catwalk will offer one designer the absolute in grail – to be the very next “it” in all that’s fashion.   Anna Wintour already opines Alexa as a media and fashion culture phenom.

The only question fame-eager and fashion-to-the-finish designers may desire to learn…

… How to become infamously famous as the next ‘Madewell’….

24 Hour Catwalk sets up shop January 10, 2011, 10/9c on Lifetime network.


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