Jennifer Lopez’s Fashion — ‘The Hardest Ever’


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J e n n i f e r   L o p e z    T h e   H a r d e s t   E v e r  |  The Wire’  News  MXWI  02

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Jennifer Lopez "T.H.E."

“The Wire’ – Jennifer Lopez’s Fashion — ‘The Hardest Ever’”


The Players:


Jennifer Lopez



by ModXchange Fashion Wire


13 December 2011

LOS ANGELES, California  — |   “Moves Like Jagger” has never been more on pointe.   J e n n i f e r   L o p e z  wowed plenty in jaw-dropping, skin-bared performance at the 2011 American Music Awards only to push pinnacle higher in the Black Eyed Peas’ front man Will.I.Am‘s single, “T.H.E.”

J-Lo Britney Fashion

Lopez pulls off a look ModXchange couldn’t help but pitch past perfect to   B r i t n e y  S p e a r s .  Clad in lace, the singer-actress imbues a sultry temptress coupled with fearless “sexy.”  Britney dripped in diamonds in “Toxic” and Jennifer splits lingerie theorem and lace theory in twain, the imagery affect — “The Hardest Ever.”

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F a s h i o n  in heels on Lopez and eye beauty scintillates, tilting allure perfectively.

This week, Lopez synced with Mick Jagger in psychedelic fervor in sparkling Interscope presentation; see the parallel of couture to kitsch and masses: “Go hard, or go home,” the refrain; the video:



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