Katy Perry — A Fairytale Dream


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K  a  t   y    P   e   r   r   y      A      F  a  i  r  y  t  a  l  e     D  r  e   a  m  |  ModXchange News  M X F N 0050

Katy Perry

“Fashion in News – Katy Perry  —  A Fairytale Dream”


The Players:

Katy Perry





by ModXchange Fashion 


5 December 2011

LOS ANGELES, California  — |   Grammy® performer in the making and Rusty Rocket’s main-squeeze, K a t y  P  e  r  r  y ’ s  gilded with outrageous glamour, reminiscent of a 50’s pin-up girl, hard-rocker femme gone bad.   Always appearing she’s just finished played (quite stylishly) with a kit of makeup, henna tattoos and a colour rinse, she’s veritably unquenchable in wiles, sincerity and coquettishness – and she’s pierced the glass ceiling in Music.

Katy Perry

Last Friday Night,” “ Firework,” and “Teenage Dream,” have propelled Perry to Billboard® charts and SoundScan® singles download coup (she’s achieved more No. 1 hits than any other female artist – 5 queued this year), but this California Gurl is fashionably more than a pretty.  Double-take any of her neon showpieces or thigh-high Guiseppe thigh high boots  and her story is crystal: je ne sais quoi.  Just when she seems she’ll slow for a respite and make nice, she does — with her curls done shiny ebony or snow cone purple.

Katy Perry

Her expression with  f a s h i o n  unbitten, Katy Perry’s not the average-swathed, super hero.  She’s copped she’s sometimes, “Woman Woman, Bette Page, Judy Jetson, and Natalie Wood..,” she confessed to  E L L E  Magazine early ’11.  Her bright Cotton Candy vibrato is just lip-smackingly Godiva-esque.

Captivating and muse, Katy Perry is our latter-day fairytale come true.  Who’s yours?


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