Cate Blanchett Unveils Louis Vuitton Australia


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C a t e  B  l a n c h e t t    U n v e i l s   L o u i s  V u i t t o n   |   ModXchange News  M X F N 0048

Cate Blanchette Louis Vuitton Australia

“Fashion in News – Cate Blanchett Unveils Louis Vuitton Australia


The Players:

Louis Vuitton

Cate Blanchett



by ModXchange Fashion Worldwide


2 December 2011

SYDNEY, Australia  — |   VOGUE’s Fashion’s Night Out was the Scene 2010.  Actress beauty  C a t e  B l a n c h e t t  portrayed Marion Loxley in director Ridley Scott’s imaginative homage to the legend of Sherwood in Robin Hood. 2010’s Fashion’s Night Out Cate shared the spotlight with World medalist, swimmer Ian Thorpe at Giorgio Armani’s signature flagship in Sydney, accompanying the Australian sect of the global retailing.  Picture-up to December and the timelessly fetching Blanchett heralding the opening of Louis Vuitton’s glorious new Maison.  The retail store spans 13,000 square feet and is one of two other landmarks the star has attended over the past three months: including a Singapore Island Maison retail debut.

Friday, Blanchett partook in ribbon ceremony looking fresh and demure in a sheer-tailored gown.

Giorgio  A r m a n i , a prior constituent of Blanchett’s and partner Andrew Upton’s Sydney Theatre Company is mentioned separately from current affiliation with co-creatively directed company, albeit by Internet familiarity at present.  Blanchette is in production, filming director Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: There and Back Again and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, and Lawless from Terrence Malick co-starring Ryan Gosling and Academy Award® Winner Christian Bale.

Cate has had mention as “friend” to the Vuitton family brand, and has said “As patron, Mr. Armani’s personal gift to the Sydney Theatre Company represented a visionary commitment to our company across four years.”

Spokespersons for the Louis Vuitton Maison haus have not commented publicly on a Sydney Theatre Co.-Vuitton collaborative at present.

The Sydney Louis Vuitton Maison is the 13th worldwide to cosy alongside Paris, London, Tokyo and New York

Louis Vuitton retail in The Philippines received a unique presentation: Ernest Kahn, a hiver at the locale, whipped up a whimsical interlude for LV’s CEO Yves Carcelle.  Carcelle celebrated the Sydney LVMH event with Philip Corne, General Manager, and Jean-Baptiste Debains, President Louis Vuitton, Louis Vuitton Asia Pacific.  Blanchette among the fare, the gathering toasted the LVMH opening at King and George streets December 2, 2011 in Sydney, Australia.

Vuitton teamer Ernest Khan has a second special ability.  He’s a national yo-yo champion twice.

His performance musing and détente for LV regale.




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