Stella McCartney’s AB FAB and Betsey Johnson’s PINK Christmas


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Betsey Johnson PINK Christmas

Glossiped’ – Stella McCartney’s AB FAB and Betsey Johnson’s PINK Christmas 2011″


The Players:

Betsey Johnson

Stella McCartney



by ModXchange Fashion Worldwide


30 November 2011

LONDON, United Kingdom; NEW YORK, New York — |   Tis’ The Season to Be Jolly, or at the very least, host a fabulous party.  To the exact, what’s sleigh-ride high on the who’s   f  a  s  h  i  o  n  who list is on the frontline this season.   

Palm Court at The Plaza Hotel debuted with tea party Monday and “Edina Monsoon” flit her way to Bruton Street last night.  The deetalicious is par for the season: Christmas scent is in the air… designers  B e t s e y   J o h n s o n  and  S t e l l a  M c C a r t n e y  imbued with Holiday spirit replete.  We knew something sweet was amiss – ModXchange was slightly miffed at beauty, designer Alexa Chung’s hasty Thank You, and hastier prestidigitation off mic to the backstage at Monday’s B r i t i s h   F a s h i o n  A w a r d s .

Cue to Tuesday night and but guess who’s in attendance at a breezy Christmasy LightingPparty, Ms. Alexa C., along with Mariella Frostrup, Barbara Daley, S i r  P a u l  M c C a r t n e y , Bob Geldof and Kate Moss.

And Kate?  ModXchange enjoyed the model’s appearance at the BFAs in tandem.  Lo and major heels to the behold, Mrs. Kate – “H” to the “ello” with Jennifer Saunders, the smart comedienne of Absolutely Fabulous kicking it up in character as Edina Monsoon.  “What is Christmas, but a party you have to host,” Saunders piqued amidst song and Christmas lights at Stella McCartney’s flagship, regalia and all.

Wrapped on three fresh new episodes of the iconic comedy series, Saunders bloomed into rendition of “Oh Holy Night” with none other than Sir Paul.  Designer Christian Lacroix was Monsoon’s favourite in skits of the AbFab series, but Saunders adores her Stella McCartney originals.  Ex-Spice girl Emma Burton, in queue, looked positively gor-geous.

Stella McCartney Christmas

“I also hear she has particularly good taste in her new choice of clothes on the show,” the designer cooed, teasing up Monsoon’s ‘McCartney affections.’

“Jennifer’s a very talented and iconic woman — and the show has made its way into British history,” Stella McCartney repped. “And it’s just bloody funny.”

AbFab continues its trek into history making, but outlandishly fun Betsey Johnson – she partied the night Monday with a luscious soirée in her honour.  Christmas tree lighting and tea were of the order, but Johnson was the irreverent babe, echoing shades of children’s fave Eloise.  The designer has fashioned an upstairs suite in tradition of the literary character. “Man, I was too middle class and poor to ever enjoy Eloise,” the artist-designer opined. “The whole idea of Eloise was just waaaaay too uptown for me.”

Not now; the designer charismatically traipsed through the suite as it could have been her second home.

“Oh, the relationship we have with The Plaza…it’s relationship heaven,” Johnson said changing hair into a high-up ponytail.

“I love when I do cornball silly things, you know, but I love it more when I have to go through huge corporate structures and they have to take a gamble on me.”

Nearing her next birthday, the designer was all bubble, serious fun.

“I don’t think anybody at The Plaza hotel is going to miss a napkin,” she beamed, pink, the colour of the night’s ardor.

A chocolate peppermint bark piece, gingerbread man, and a pumpkin tart she swathed securely, the peppermint liberated from an étagère into a goody bag.

“Oh, and take a candy cane, for Christ’s sake,” Johnson said.   A fuchsia-tinted candy piece befitting Willy Wonka was beheld, her intimate repartee with fans of her clothing line.

“Now I’m hoping that they’ll do my last — not last —” the designer said.

A tree, a decoupage with pink tulle, clad in Eloise ornamentation with a nanny, dogs, turtles, splashed with Johnson’s signature: spangles and glitter in show.

“My last public Super Bowl of birthdays, which will be my 70th birthday next August.  I want them to throw me a party in this magnificent ballroom they have back there.”

Granddaughter Ella seemed keen for something more.

Dressed in dainty and pink afternoon-tea garb, the 3-year-old impatiently lost a shoe…

“This is my Eloise,” Betsey Johnson welcoming the girl, all ready to glimpse Santa.

“He goes home at 7 p.m. He has to go back to the North Pole, make some more toys,” Johnson beamed effortlessly.

Little Ella remained graciously unconvinced.  “But did he go already?”

“He went already; He’ll be back in the morning.” Johnson said.

“We stayed here this weekend, me and my granddaughters, and boy, they have no idea how to behave in The Plaza hotel,” Johnson herself was joie de vivere.

“But isn’t that Eloise-worthy, if one thinks about it? The designer smiled.


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