Rhianna Launches Armani Chic Street Collection


Fashion  in  News    November  ModXchange   2011  Los Angeles’ Fashion Database

H o u s e   o f    A  r  m  a  n  i   R  h  i  a  n  n  a   C h i c  |  ModXchange News  MXFN 0046


“Fashion in News – Rhianna Launches Armani Chic Street Collection

Rhianna Armani

The Players:


ARMANI, Emporio Armani



by ModXchange Fashion 


28 November 2011

NEW YORK, New York — |   “Designing a line with him is something I never imagined.” Says pop and singer-performer phenom  R  h  i  a  n  n  a .

Bustiers, tailored pant and blazer, bold gowns and even bolder, coloured-couture, paint a picture of music and entertainment love, and   f  a  s  h  i  o  n   huntress, Rhianna. Transformation from basic everyday wear to sleeker, defined  s t y l e , many a star achieve on their road to fame, yet “R” has stayed true to her self from the beginning.

Her jeans and hip-hip flavor she sported in her first album release with music “Pon De Replay,” to her luxurious femme-baddie minis in “S&M,” she maintains a down to earth and an indomitable pleasance effortlessly.  She even looks great in a tuxedo (or AJ, Armani Jeans) while doing it.

A  r  m  a  n  i   has captured the Barbadian’s fever-pitch and has forged a new Armani – street chic and serenely RTW, the collaborative look holds a candle bright to the star’s rocker image.  Look for the “Rihanna for Emporio Armani” signature throughout the latest capsule collection.  Stovepipe “boyfriend” jeans, laced bras, fitted leather jackets and the occasional T-shirts, prints in all, reference the beauty and on the edge drama we’ve come to know as signature (smidge naughty, irreverently sweet).  She’s the new face for the Armani Jeans and Emporio Armani Underwear line.

Armani’s “energy” Rhianna brings to its haus is brazen and unabashedly fashionable.

Need more?  World of Armani takes the clothing looks into its haute sphere in sizzling winter campaign.  Italian design suits her and you can achieve her red carpet, urban and front stage presence and shine like the brightest star… TALK THAT TALK.”

See Rhianna in Armani in a film noir by director Steven Klein.


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