Prada Paris Couture Week 2012


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“Fashion in News – Prada Paris Couture Week 2012

Prada 2011

The Players:


Paris Couture Week 2012



by ModXchange Fashion 


27 November 2011 – |   Paris Couture Week is the mise—en—scene.  23 January to 26 January is the date for  P  r  a  d  a  and its latest store reboot, presenting its brand new artisan initiative 24 Hours.

The 24 Hours Museum has attached artist Francesco Vezzoli with AMO of the Metropolitan Architecture.  Haus of Prada and plan, unveiling its store, newly envisioned, on Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré.

The upcoming Prada phone will expand upon its predecessor, with a wider display and high-resolution in its third mobile issue.

Chief executive officer Patrizio Bertelli of Prada continues fashioning company infrastructure, fortifying relationships, alongside the development of its technological collective.  The fashion corporation has extended its collaboration with electronic company LG of South Korea to create its next cellular phone.

“The partnership between Prada and LG has always been characterized by an innovative approach,” Bertelli prelected, “with no compromises in terms of style, design and new technologies.”

Pre-orders set for 2012 delivery; prices for the accessory phone include $868 U.S., 562 GBP, and 650 Euro.

Ultra thin and lightweight, Prada will offer its newest phone edition in Prada boutiques available for the holidays.


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