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“Fashion in News – The Fragrance Foundation FiFi Awards 2012”

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The Players:

Fragrance Foundation

FiFi Awards®


by ModXchange Fashion 


26 November 2011 – |   F a s h i o n, is beheld with modicum of reverence and objectified comparable to its sisters:  S  t  y  l  e   and  B e au t y ; however there’s another ethereal muse and  it’s Fashion’s fourth sibling,  f r a g r a n c e .

Antony falling to the wiles of Cleopatra and many other lieges to a beauteous coquette may have owed homage to the one entity none could guard from affect.  A wisp of sweetness or waft of citrusy air may have lured then caused to be felled the historical mightiest, and in 2012  T h e    F r a g r a n c e   F o u n d a t i o n  will honour those mastering the creation of perhaps the most formidable (if unseen) sixth element of nature, fragrance.

2012, The Fragrance Foundation encourages all eligible brand creators to enter its 2012 FiFi® Awards.

Only one winner will come away with the award and will receive the crystal FiFi® statuette along with $10,000 from the Givaudan Fragrances Corp.

Potential winners may finalize the application process by downloading, completing and submitting the ‘nominee validation forms’ for fragrances launched in 2011.

Criteria for consideration details entrants:


Must be an established brand and on the market for a minimum of 2 years

Must be independent and not distributed or owned by a large company

Must be sold in as many as 1 to 50 doors (the actual # of stores) in the United States (including the Internet)

The nominated fragrance must have been launched in 2011


The winner and finalists will gather at the 2012 Elements Showcase January 31st in New York City, New York, the winner receiving award nod at the 2012 FiFi® Awards Ceremony May 21, 2012

Entrants may download obligatory documentation from  “Indie” Award entrants for “Fragrance of the year, read additional information at Elements Showcase.

All Validation Forms must be received by The Fragrance Foundation no later than Wednesday, November 30, 2011, along with TWO bottles of the fragrance being nominated.


The categories for entrants include:

 Fragrance of the Year

Individual fragrances are evaluated by their star status achieved through national consumer response to each fragrance’s launch, packaging, advertising, and marketing strategy.

Best Packaging of the Year

Nominees must have been introduced in 2011 and a part of a new fragrance launch. Categories:  Women’s Prestige; Men’s Prestige; Women’s Popular Appeal; and Men’s Popular Appeal.

Media Campaign of the Year

Media campaigns created and launched as new 2011 fragrances, or existing fragrances (including advertising in print, television, internet and transmedia) are eligible to participate for  Women’s Media Campaign of the Year and Men’s Media Campaign of the Year.

Bath & Body Line of the Year

The Bath & Body Line of the Year must have been introduced in 2011 with star quality achieved through national consumer response to its packaging, promotion, and advertising for year 2012 consideration.

Interior Scent Collection of the Year

The 2012 Interior Scent of the Year Collection must have been introduced in 2011 and acquired star attention in status through national consumer response to its advertising, packaging, and promotion.  Products receiving eligibility in this category: candles, diffusers, electric, potpourri, and any interior scent applications with considerable significance

Editorial Excellence in Fragrance Coverage

Four awards given:  1) “Scent Feature” (Women’s) is for best editorial article written in 500 words or greater.   2) “Scent Bite” (Women’s) is for best short article ranging 250 – 500 words.  3) “Men’s” is for best editorial article with 250 words written or more.  4) “Blog feature” is for best online editorial.  The article(s) must have appeared in a 2011 magazine issue or a blog post.

Technological Breakthrough of the Year

The three award categories are:  1) Fragrance Creation and Formulation. 2) Fragrance Ingredients.  3) Digital Initiatives.  Member companies submitting entries will present in front of expert panel.  Submissions will be judged within scope of the presentations’ innovation; each must have been created in 2011; the presentations must demonstrate original and progressive potential within industry.

Fragrance Hall of Fame

Companies desiring to have a fragrance classic, women’s or men’s accepted for eligibility may submit materials to exemplify the marketing strategies helping the fragrance achieve awareness and success in 2011:  New form of product (if applicable); new packaging (primary or secondary); new advertising (TV or print) and freshness of collateral support (in-store promotion, display, sampling availability,  etc.).

Retailer of the Year

Retailers in all categories are eligible for nomination by the Board of Directors including but not limited to: department stores, specialty stores, chain & drug stores, and non-traditional/direct marketers.  Nominees will have exemplified year round support utilizing innovation to attract the customer to the fragrance counter including: advertising; communication; department design; increasing consumer to product knowledge; and special events and in-store promotions.

Perfume Extraordinaire of the Year

The Perfume Extraordinaire of the Year is awarded to a company establishing a ‘signature’ of a thoroughly-crafted fragrance.  Visionary thinking with industry progression is a must.


The 2012 FiFi’s® will spotlight fragrance magic May 21st, 2012 at the Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center in New York.




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