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“Fashion in News – Naomi Campbell Editor at Large for Interview Magazine”

Naomi Campbell Interview December 2011

The Players:

Naomi Campbell

Interview Magazine

Leonardo Di Caprio



by ModXchange Fashion Worldwide



23 November 2011

NEW YORK New York – |   M o d e l i n g  clicks to a different beat come December.  N  a  o  m  i    C a m p b e l l   has put ink to paper.  She’s written for      I n t e r v i e w   M a g a z i n e ,  R u s s i a .  Campbell scribed the intro for the latest issue slate.  Sexy Leonardo DiCaprio graces the cover with photography by Brigitte Lacombe.

U.S. artist Richard Phillips glammified the ‘AgNO3.’   The latest Interview installment hits the streets this Friday, and the original Supermodels of modeling industry, she’s not stopping there.

Interview Magazine December 2011

December 2011 Interview Magazine Cover


Naomi C’s has upped to Editor at Large in both the Russian and German complements of the North American mag version.

There’s serious mum on who’s who between the cover and back in the German issue, but EALs glam the scene wherever they go.

Campbell will herald question and answers in the year end issue.

While waiting for L e o   D i C a p r i o , enjoy some uber delectable photos from the glamizon model Naomi with photography by Kayt Jones from the  February 2011 edition of   E l l e  R u s s i a  .


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Images: Kayt Jones  ELLE Russia |  Interview Cover: Brigitte Lacombe


§      Interview Magazine Germany arrives to pulp racks January 20, 2012.     §


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