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“Fashion in News – Gaga’s Workshop Barneys New York

Gaga Formichetti Barneys NYC

The Players:

Lady Gaga

Barneys New York



by ModXchange Fashion Worldwide


22 November 2011

NEW YORK New York – |   Crisp air and delicate ribboning didn’t deter   G a g a ’ s  night out Monday.  The juxtaposition of the two made the evening superbly enjoyable.  The Lady of pop haute, the singer performance artist opened Gaga’s Workshop at Barneys New York.  Braving the glitterati and fanfare, hundreds of fans lined to celebrate.  VIPs received perhaps what could have been considered, early holiday treating –shopping the store sectional with a sip of cocktail – a pre-party cocktail and shopping spread.

Performers dressed in full rage drag added to fun and festivities.

Partiers shuffling back and forth, to and fro during the night were Giovanni Battaglia, actor Alan Cumming, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Neil Patrick Harris, actress Blake Lively, jewelry designer Pamela Love, Carolyn Murphy, Monique Péan, Matthew Settle, and Yvonne Force Villareal.

Queued for the happening set were assorted arrangements of candies and goodies.  “Bow” lollipops, candy lipsticks, “flame” press-on nails (leave us not forget the chocolate McQueen “armadillo heels” on the boutique fifth floor) were definite eye-catchers.

First grouping to get into the gift finding spirit included Prabal Gurung, CFDA/VOGUE 2011 attendee, taking mental note for “my 10-year-old nephew and five-year-old niece, huge Gaga fans.”

Designer Alexander Wang, also in attendance at this year’s CDFA/VOGUE gala, was perusing Gaga’s Workshop with nephew and niece in forethought going for whichever items snapped his attention.  I just buy what I like,” he said.

Lively piped, “Are those Lady Gaga Eleni’s cookies?  Everything is so unexpected and beyond my imagination.”

Meeting her illustrious host for the first time ever, Lively reimagined Gaga to art having suddenly come alive, “…it would be strange to be, like, having a conversation with a painting.”

More like a delicate Alice at the Mushroom.  Gaga sipped tea daintily from a teacup.  A Swarovski mug can be had for a mere $695 a pop.  A domesticated jewel-free version retails at $65, with 25 percent of every sale dedicated to the Born This Way FoundationBorn This Way Foundation sets precedence toward the prevention of bullying, created by Gaga.

All were treated to spectacle and cartoonlike themed installation works by Christophe Haimaide Pierson and Eli Sudbrack of Assume Vivid Astro Focus.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson addressed the warm up to debut point blank.  “I’m anxious to see first of all if anything’s wearable,” he said, “I’m cautious of going in and seeing like a rack of meat panties or something.”

No meat, just meet and greet.

Gaga cut the red ribbon on East 60th Street at Barneys right on sched in a daringly flared  C h a n e l  gown.

A fabulous night to be a New Yorker.

One serious fan of Christmas stockings, Gaga is having her very own holiday presentation one holiday ahead.


She has her very own Thanksgiving special on ABC in the U.S.  Her Little Monsters will be thrilled… she has a duet with Tony Bennett in A Very Gaga Thanksgiving, airing November 24, 2011.


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