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“Fashion Looks in News – Dress Boyfriend Style 

Kate Moss Street Chic

Kate Moss, Haute; Image: Getty Images


The Players:  Divas

Closet Raiding



by ModXchange Fashion Worldwide


21 November 2011

MANHATTAN, New York – |   B o y f r i e n d s .  We have them, we adore them.  Sometimes we sniff their scarves, inhale their scent from their pillow (when they’re not home, of course).  How we love the way they look us up and down when they think we’re not paying attention; and the little way their eyes light up when they see us for the first time every day… Our baby blues, greens and browns light up too when we see our men, and sometimes, our  F a s h i o n  –  heightened senses attune to one of their finest assets – their closet.

Some days, we don’t have a thing to wear, and a quickstep to our BF’s vintage bomber jacket, snug jeans, and crisp tailored shirts rack simply make us swoon (but never more than when we’re with them).  Women have chosen the clean lines of well designed menswear for decades.  K a t h e r i n e   H e p b u r n  reveled in a great pressed pair of pleated slacks; similarly, who cannot help but admire us once we’ve “wowed” them wearing our always fashionable boyfriend blazer?  Our tween fans may scoff, however, if it’s good enough for Kate (pictured above), we know it’s haute.

But what if you can’t find that enviable perk so readily handy in your boyfriend’s closet space?  We’ve got a cheat sheet for you, and it skirts by his b-ball jerseys and track pants, but persnickety.  You always knew there was more to your man than meets the eye.   The look you can appropriate, without spending a small couture fortune (we didn’t say accessories)!

menswear / accessory Nov 11

Model luxe   K a t e   M  o   s   s   (pictured at top) sports street chic with a blazer suited for her day.  Top Shop dishes up a look for matching utility: $130.00.

A stylish crewneck should be a staple in every girl’s fashionista arsenal.  A few of us girls at ModXchange prefer the Ben Sherman “Hemel.”  What’s a Hemel?  A trip back to the days of Mod and what we think is near retro-harkening to James Dean.  We like the hint of ‘branding’ on the front.  Ben Sherman at Asos, all cotton just $30.55.

A splurge is never far from a purchase soiree, and tis the season to gift your inner Diva.  Extravagance is in the eye of the beholder, and with the cool cash saved raiding our BF’s closets we’re ready for Bodhi.  We like the “Park Avenue.” Not only does is it replete with pockets for all our little thingies, it’s convertible from tote to hobo and Gusset straps to expand at leisure.  “Effort is not concerned with results”” is mantra we’ll never dissuade.  The Park Avenue Convertible Tote is our swag, $448.00.

We love our guys, and an affordable cinch to up queue with our fall fashion looks, (hugs, Kate) we love it too.


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