The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1


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Entertainment | Fashion in News – The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1″

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The Twilight Saga

“Breaking Dawn”




by ModXchange Fashion Worldwide

20 November 2011

HOLLYWOOD, California – |   Hollywood, fortuitous for many an actor, actress and industry phenom, acquiesces softly to style.  The theatricals of the ‘20s to its present day independent films and blockbusters, the town of tinsel remains a mainstay where dreams are manufactured.  Still, the non-de-plume of the “industry,” though palpable within thought, is elusive by its very luster.  F a s h i o n  reimagines Hollywood judiciously and represents its films in sometimes blatant iconography.

Dior, Halston, Valentino, Prada, many a designer’s feature of a collection may appear in a capsule of time, on the silver screen.  In 2011’s Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1, costume and presence are manifold to subtlety, and dark, visual maelstrom.

 Velvet Rope: movie description below   §   movie description below: Velvet Rope

The adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s YA novel series, Breaking Dawn foresees greater mystery – and soon maleficent danger for moody earthly Bella, Kristen Stewart.  Spiritually connected to a vampire, Edward, Robert Pattinson, Bella readies to wed her undead love in beautiful gothic, fairy-lit woodland.  Together on a secluded isle in Brazil, the two consummate their vows, and Bella is loved with abandon.  The vampire lust does not come without repercussion (she is bruised afterwards) yet she admonishes all danger opting for “love” and forever-after; however Edward is shocked by the revelation of his inner-wicked side.  He vows to protect Bella from himself, never wanting them to share lovemaking again.

Bella discovers she and Edward will have a child.  Foremost in her musings is which will the unborn child be, mortal, hybrid, or indelibly supernatural.

The fashion in The Twilight Saga’s fourth installment is downplayed.  Bella, wears pants and tops reminiscent of darker palettes; Edward’s dark, brooding apparition is depicted in fitted shirt and overtly opaque ensembles, their reference, light (Edward’s pale appearance and his love for his partner), contrasted sharply with dark (his inability to escape his violent past, and loathed soul).

Edward’s love-destroy patterning reflects vehemently when lupine Jacob, Taylor Lautner, surfaces at midpoint in the film, and forewarns Bella’s pregnancy places all who love her in jeopardy.  Jacob rushes to save Bella from his clan, wolven less than happy with his relations with bloodthirsty Edward, and in derision he’s mated with the living.

Vampires battle werewolves, and Bella struggles to understand the unseen forces surrounding her and her unborn child amidst unholy exploratory tasking.  Alien or The Omen , it’s all conflicted Edward and huber-anxious Jacob can do to thwart their unknown destinies – and a shocking ending premonshing the next epic of the franchise queue.

Author Meyer kinks an untoward surprise (We can’t tell you) in Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part 2, slated for theatrical release, 2012.

Wearing her wedding dress, Bella walks the aisle, in hauntingly stark white.  Mid-October the Twilight 4 crossed-over this mortal coil with a stylishly marketed sneak peak.  Watch.

Credits: Summit Entertainment



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