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“Fashion in News – ELLE Women in Hollywood 2011


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by ModXchange Fashion Worldwide


19 November 2011

HOLLYWOOD, California – |   It’s said  F a s h i o n  and Hollywood paired together can pay the highest compliment to one another, and there is significant archival history on silver nitrate and cinematic celluloid to  predicate the premise.  From  A u d r e y  H e p b u r n  to  M a r l e n e   D i e t r i c h  to the stars of the new century, a sense of style and beauty is forethought and magazine   E L L E’ S

ELLE Jennifer Aniston

Styled by Joe Zee; Photo: Alexei Hay


November 2011 glossy breathes scintillating air into the coffers and annals of what life is really for thespians in a world of influential theatrical and social transmedia.

Naomi Watts almost left acting, for good?  Elizabeth Olsen auditioned a role with bags packed..?  Viola Davis did not enter the Screen Actors Guild, SAG, until she was 30?  Barbra Streisand always believed reality “sucked?” Jennifer Aniston come from a family made up entirely of actors..?

The Women in Hollywood 2011” Cover Feature, ELLE delves into the real with the actresses and how they navigate the ever-changing, fragile, and always fashionably resilient spectre – Hollywood.

J  e  n  n  i  f  e  r   A n i s t o n , cover girl on this month’s issue, wears a cottony tank top from Balmain, satin shorts by Nicolas Ghesquière from Balenciaga, a yellow gold Cartier necklace and diamonds, and link bracelets with diamonds from David Yurman.

Wrapping five independent features in the span of one year is coup relative to old Hollywood Studio production style, yet Elizabeth Olsen has feted task.  Olsen’s role as a complicated soul in Martha Marcy May Marlene,  is attracting critical acclaim, but is she, along with ELLE’S bevy of screen talent featured, simply free spirits following their passions?

See ELLE’S Leading Ladies: ELLE’S Women in HOLLYWOOD



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