Versace for HM Sold Out in 30 Minutes


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V e r s a c e   f o r  H & M  S o l d  O u t   i n   3 0   M i n u t e s  |  ModXchange News M X N S  0040


“Fashion in News – Versace for H&M Sold Out in 30 Minutes”


The Players:

Versace, H&M



by ModXchange Fashion Worldwide


18 November 2011

LONDON, United Kingdom, NEW YORK, New York – |   F a s h i o n   may covet praise but fashionistas, fashionisters, and more hit starting marks, ready to pounce upon what’s become the most coveted high-street wear collection so far… the Versace collection for H&M.

Versace H&M


While rumour of designer T o m  F o r d  is already in queue for H&M’s next fashion Olympics collaboration tryouts, the question was, who wasn’t about on world streets, camped out, ready to vamp it out when  D o n a t e l l a ‘ s  prints, motifs, and coloured garbs released, less than discreetly at 9 a.m. the day prior.

Donatella Versace opened the doors to one and all (not to mention the commercial spots, which are teasingly fun) but not without some stringent rhyme and rules.

The London Regent Street H&M location set the tone for the on-your-mark, get-set, go, event with modifications impelled to prevent mishaps with pushing, shoving, and assorted fights, occurring with past design collaborative releases.

Nor were any allowed to pass security or pole vault across barring only to resell items at inflated pricing.

Shoppers were given leisure to purchase just one size, per garment selected.

Clientele attempting to secure their favourite new Versace wants online were derailed but quickly…

H&M’s website was brought to a crescendo then ‘crash.’

Versace ensemble pieces turned up on ebay and in cities  Beijing and Dubai H&M stores tore though their racks, selling out in less than 30 – minutes.

At Emmanuelle Alt’s very posh preview party, “within 15 minutes, the rails had been picked clean of all black dresses, but the French crowd seemed less keen on the more colorful items.”

By morning and the H&M website’s reboot, the Versace collection…sold out.

The bargains found…?  Priceless.

H&M’s PR Jenn tweeted, ”Wow two die hard @Versace for @hmusa fans have been lined up at 51st and 5th since 11am.. Collection is on sale Saturday. Impressive!!”

What H&M’s Jenn Uglialoro-Ward means, 51st and 5th streets are in New York, New York.

Some die-hard Versace big-apples are going to receive a special surprise.


Uglialoro-Ward tweeted Friday,

“Heading to @hmusa with some @Versace presents for those loyal customers who have been sleeping on the streets since yesterday for the launch.”

Those missing out on Jenn’s gifts…

Ready, get set.. shop!


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