Charlize Theron VOGUE December Cover


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C   h  a  r  l  i  z  e     T    h   e    r   o   n    D e c e m b e r   V  o  g  u  e   |  ModXchange News  M X N S  0037


“Fashion in News – Charlize Theron V O G U E December Cover Girl

The Players:  Charlize Theron

 VOGUE, Fashion 

by ModXchange Fashion Worldwide


12  November 2011

NEW YORK, New York – |   Summer takes on the Holiday season – in a fabulous Cover in this winter’s V O G U E.  Beauty   C h a r l i z e   T h e r o n   in a luscious near-sea-shell print dress, backlit by pearl gray waters looks breathtaking.

A n n i e  L e b o v i t z  photographer, presented as the lens behind the imagery, is with the cred on this serene portraiture.

ModXchange simply adores the look.

The Calvin Klein ‘012 mini Charlize dons – timelessly passional.

Talented Theron, is thesp in a movie slated for theatrical bow, Young Adult.  The “Monster” star ups her roles with another, portrayal of magical lineage.

She plays the Wicked Queen in the highly anticipated release, Snow White and the Huntsman, her co-stars, Kristen Stewart of Twilght Saga fame, and the sexy Chris Hemsworth.

There’s additional talk of a photo spread lensed by famer Steven Meisel, with Saoirse Ronan in the December VOGUE and images by image-taker great, Mario Testino.  Karlie Kloss,  Eddie Redmayne, are featured and and Laura Stone.

Charlize Vogue

Image: kudos, Fashion Spot

C h a r l i z e  enraptures, a  goddess delight.

The December VOGUE, American edition, hits stands just shy of three weeks and counting.

Young Adult releases December 16 in American theatres.

Snow White and the Huntsman opens in the U.S., June 1, 2012.


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