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“Fashion in News – V O G U E  /  CFDA Awards Finalists

The Players:


CFDA Awards, Fashion


by ModXchange Fashion Worldwide


11  November 2011

NEW YORK, New York  – |   F a s h i o n  never rests.  Months, days, minutes down to the second of prep have led to eye-propped, painstakingly shepherded portfolios, design-offs and prefabricated swath-deadlines culminating into one final curtain pull:  The 2011 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Gala and the winner prize will announce in spectacle… and on a Monday.

November 14 the unrelenting travels from here in the U.S. to across the Atlantic and back to again, the Fashion Fund Finalists will discover in finale which of their collective will laud them – victorious.

Calvin Klein the keynote speaker, the selection committee for the finalists include Anna Wintour, Diane Von Furstenberg, Proenza Schoule, and Jenna Lyons

What the entrants will queue while they await the big night..?


Pamela Love and Pamela Love  

“I plan on going to the Sebadoh show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg with some friends.”


Dana Lorenz and Fenton Fallon 

“I’m going pumpkin-picking upstate… I am going to try to make a pie—which should be interesting since I’ve never turned on the oven before!”


Michelle Ochs and Carly Cushnie and Cushnie et Ochs

Ochs, “Sunday night you’ll find me at home, doing my own manicure. I find doing them myself relaxes me.”

Cushnie, “I plan to get my hair cut in time for the big day.”



CFDA VOGUE Fund 2011Finalists

Credits: Evan Sung , Photo Center: CFDA

See VOGUE Fashion Fund and bask in the competitors’ final photo sketches before they showed collections here in The Hills at Chateau Marmont.  Kate Bosworth, Aaron Eckhart, Elisabeth Moss filled the runway and show milieu and find more of the designers stitches behind the scenes.

Year eight of the 2011 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Gala and Awards takes the spotlight at Skylight Studios 275 Hudson St Manhattan, New York, 6:00 P – 8:00 P.

Want more about the designers and their collections?  See the 10 right now at The Corner.


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